Finished graduation... what next to do in Life?

Kamlesh  always had  this  question haunting him as to the best  course of action  after college  in such a madding and  competitive world of today. He continually wondered whether to pursue post graduation ,start a job or venture into a business. To him, arriving at the right decision was proving an existential dilemma.
He used to read a lot of literature including books of multiple genres, various kinds of blogs, and articles on job markets of future .He could also discern with such  diverse  reading that people are just  drifting aimlessly to make their living, with no real knowledge to pride in.

It’s not possible in today’s fiercely competitive world to launch a meaningful career with just one generic degree. It’s essential to possess real and transferable skills. Someone with niche or multitasking skills stands apart in an altogether different professional league! Usually, we are the products of the circumstances that our lives have subjected us to.
Kamlesh is not the only one with these questions on life. Most of us find ourselves tormented by such questions at different points on the fate of our lives.
A young graduate will be concerned about choosing  the right career, a working  professional will think about either  the next promotion  or a business, a businessman  will think about expanding business in newer markets  or  merging with  bigger businesses….so on and so forth.
It’s difficult to  decide alone what to do in one’s  life. As a thumb rule, you should  do what makes you feel happy, lest you should end up  not regretting your wrong choices later. At times in your life, you may realise having made a wrong decision but that realisation should prove to be your step in learning and not a subject of regret.To seize such failure as a stepping stone to success  is the quintessence of learning indeed.
If you plan to take up a job, then work to acquire skills needed to distinguish yourself  at the workplace. If you want to start  your own venture, then identify the prerequisites  that  you need to start with: business plan, investors, machine, strategies et al.
Nonetheless, possessing a skill or a degree will help in furnishing your  credentials to your employers and stakeholders. In fact, doing a post-graduation after working for a few years or directly after graduation is a highly recommended career progression.
If finance is proving the bottleneck, then the saving grace is that educational  loans  are easily  available from financial institutions. In select cases, even the employers themselves could sponsor your higher education if they perceive you as a worthy  prospective employee in higher cadres.
Hey guys, it’s never too late to discover your metier and live your passion. Be not just a learner but an unlearner too.

So, step out , grab the right skills and look at life straight in the eyes !